We have worked with WinGo for over 10 years and are very pleased with their skill and specialized and careful work. Even if we are situated in different time zones the communication works really well, and WinGo always does their best to help us with every new project.

Over all we are really satisfied with WinGo and hope to work with them for many years ahead.

WinGo has been exceptionally accommodating to all of my request. My game has miniatures and many different card sizes. They were able to handle all of the complexity of my game.

I highly recommend them.

We are working with WinGo Games for several years, start as low as with some samples up to
Mass production. The results as we got are high quality products along with affordable prices,
Those encourage us to order more and more products and sell them quickly.
The communication is clear and easy; they understand our niche and the market demands.
All our requirements are well fulfilled i.e. labeling, custom materials, packaging….
At the end of the day our customers are very happy with the products.

Avi markovich
Flat square games

We used WinGo for our very first production order. This was a whole new experience for us, and we didn’t know a lot of the things we needed to know to get it done. WinGo were wonderful in walking us through the process, helping us with all the minimum requirements needed to have a smooth production, and even helped us organise shipping and export/import from China to the UK and USA.

As a result of such a fantastic experience we have gone back to WinGo for our second production because we know we can rely on them to produce high quality games on time and with a great service.

As a first-time publisher, WinGo was our choice because of their competitive prices. We are overall quite happy with our interactions with Amy and her team. The production quality is quite good, we’ve had many compliments on the quality of the components. The only thing we’d do differently is definitely not to rush anything because there were some issues we brought up that were not addressed. We realize that it was our choice to proceed without additional samples and we should have asked for more samples even though it would have delayed our delivery.  We want to thank WinGo for their patience while working with us, as we were pretty much learning on the go.



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