Our Team

  • Leon Lau - Chief Executive Officer

    Ever since growing up in the early 80′s, Mr. Lau was fascinated by games. This inspired him to create his own game manufacturing company that would offer superior service and manufacturing to game designers.

    Responsible for the management and organization of the company, Mr. Lau works tirelessly to ensure each client is provided with the personal service and attention they deserve and that each product meets only the strictest production requirements.

    Mr. Lau has built a rock star team that shares his passion and drive that has allowed Wingo to become synonymous with Western quality manufacturing at affordable prices.

  • Susu Zhong – Chief Financial Officer

    One of the core leaders in the WinGo team, Susu brings a wealth of finance knowledge that helps allow us to find cost effective materials that we can then offer to our clients at more affordable prices.

  • Ivan Deng – Sales Engineer

    With a couple experience working on the production line and 2 years in international trading field, Ivan exhibits the ability of communicating with customers effectively, conveying customer information accurately and resolving customer problems actively. Initiative, full of passion and always make sure to provide professional technical support and satisfactory service to the client is his priority.

  • Jessie Wong – Senior Merchandiser

    Work as a foreign trade merchandiser for many years, Jessie can know well and master quickly about the order process. Through communication and cooperation with customers, there is no doubt that she acts as a bridge between customer and the manufacturing team. One the one hand, she can give a timely feedback of order information and the production situation to customers, and solve customer’s worries; on the other hand, she is able to feedback the customer’s requirements to the manufacturing team, so that it can make the whole production process smoothly.

  • Mark Leung – Operation Manager

    With over 8years experience in quality control and 3years in production management, Mark is a key person who handle the operation for WinGo, he leads the purchasing, quality, engineering and production department in proper operation system and provides with effective comments to keep improvement for the whole team. With his management, our clients will get a good solution, high quality and competitive price for their projects.

  • Vess Zhang – Project Engineer

    As a 7-year manufacturing and print professional, Vess is a key team member responsible for finding suitable materials for the various requirements our customers have with their game components. From sourcing quality materials to overseeing the print process, Vess ensures your project contains the materials you need for a quality product.

  • Ason Qiu – Quality Engineer

    Ason owns many years of experience as an inspector, understanding why it is so important to have well-made components for each game. He dedicates to ensure that all products comply with our strict manufacturing standards by tracking the whole production processes & inspecting all components.

  • Joseph Zou - Facility Manager

    With years of experience in plant management and material management, Joseph  devote himself to the entire production procedure with strict controls to ensure the accuracy of the material quality, quantity and specifications, and also maintain good order efficiently in plant .

  • Andrew Zhu - Art Manager

    After many years of accumulation and precipitation, Andrew has insight in typesetting and product design, he can quickly find errors in customers’ artwork and make reasonable adjustments to meet production requirements. At the same time, he is also responsible for the entire proofing work products so that many production problems can be found as early as possible and to improve them.

  • Ango Lee - Production Manager

    With more than 12 years of experience in production management, printing, surface treatment and after operations. Ango Lee have thoroughly understanding about all the procedures,he is responsible for the whole plan operation and production arrangement, under his leadership, each product in each procedure is in accordance with the established scheduled, production capacity get maximum raise to follow shipment schedule and also ensure that products meet quality requirements.

  • Catherine Wu - Sales Engineer

    Catherine has extensive experience in project management, and do best to provide the best solution to solve customer’s demand/problem, customer alway keep praise for her service.

  • Lydia Zhou – Purchaser

    Lydia  is with many years purchasing experience, she shows her ability on bargaining with different suppliers of various game components/accessories, just in order to provide the cheapest product with highest quality to our customers.