• The fun never stops

    The fun never stops

    Post time: 11-12-2018
    Right after Essen Spiel’18, our WinGo team quickly made their way to Shanghai for the WePlay Shanghai Convention where we were met with buzz rivalling that at Essen! We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of constructive feedback we received and the passion we felt from the community here in China. Homeland pride!  Of course, all the feedback received will be put to good use by the DK tea The DK Team also came out with some examples of how the DK could be used to create your ideal game. We also showcased some of our manufactured games in hopes that users can feel the quality of our products firsthand! We also had a great opportunity to have a chat with well-known Chinese board game enthusiast, 雪梨夫妇 who expressed her exc...
  • Essen Wrap Up

    Essen Wrap Up

    Post time: 10-30-2018
    Essen Spiel’18 was a blast! We had an amazing time interacting with many board game enthusiasts and game designers in the making. The passion and energy at the event was definitely contagious.     Not only was it hype, we received a heap of constructive feedback and an overwhelmingly positive response from the community about DK2. Our team will use them to further refine and finetune in order to deliver the best possible DK2 to you.                                                                                  ...
  • Origin of Designer Kit, its brief history

    Origin of Designer Kit, its brief history

    Post time: 10-23-2018
    WinGo’s Designer Kit has been out in the tabletop world for quite some time. While the reception of our designer kit has been fantastic, many designers have yet to know why the Designer Kit was conceived. Let us share a short history of our kit and its future. Origin of Designer Kit For the longest time, it has been an industry standard for any manufacturers to provide sample boxes for their valued customers. A sample box had only one purpose: for customers to examine the quality of materials and then choose the relevant ones suited to their needs. The practice is the same for board game manufacturing. We saw the rise of Kickstarter (Tabletop Games) in the year of 2017, that brought about many new and aspiring game creators. Wh...
  • Essen! Guess what we bring to you guys

    Essen! Guess what we bring to you guys

    Post time: 09-17-2018
    Hey! Guys! Guess what? We are going to bring something amazing to Essen this year, the brand new DESIGNER’S KIT secondary version and whole packs of add-ons. It will be launched on Kickstarter around the end of October. We really appreciate designers around the world to take a look and experience its practicality. You guys would love that! We’ ll meet you in Spiel Essen 2018 at 4I112 and Tabletop PAX NO. TT550 with passionate, dedicated and more efficient. WinGo makes your games come into being!          
  • 9 changes from New WinGo

    9 changes from New WinGo

    Post time: 09-17-2018
    After nearly 4 months struggling from brick and stone, we finally made a new home for new WinGo, with 9 different and amazing changes on top of it. No matter old friends or newcomer for us, we would like you to take a look for that. Hopefully you guys would love it!
  • Chinese New Year Holiday

    Chinese New Year Holiday

    Post time: 02-10-2018
    Thank you all for giving WinGo full support in 2017. The Chinese Spring Festival of 2018 is approaching, all the staff of WinGo company wish you a happy Chinese Spring Festival and good luck in 2018! In order to celebrate the traditional Spring Festival, WinGo is scheduled for a 10 days vacation which is from 12th-22th Feb 2018. We will be back to work on 23th Feb 2018. Your understanding will be highly appreciated if our holiday brings you any inconveniences . We are looking forward to your support in the coming new year and we hope we can have better cooperation to make your game come true!
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