Q How we make a prototype

In case you’re concerning about the process about making a prototype, please follow our step to take a visit in our workshop, we will show you how does a perfect prototype being made from original artworks.


Step 1, Our graphic specialist will get all artworks composed according to actual die cut arrangement and place appropriate amount on a standard paper.



Step 2, Use our mighty printer to get amazing print sheets on corresponding paper or cardstock, the color of printer is preset to make your prototype closed to final production 95-98%.2



Step 3, Our engineer will take narrow examination on each components to make sure the size is correct also to confirm every image matches its original position, anything against the specification will be sorted out and improved before production.



Step 4, Surface coating, this will go exactly the same as what will be done in production, in order to avoid any deviations.



Step 5, Final die cutting and forming, all these process are done by our engineer manually, with their experience and perfect workmanship, your prototype will turn out perfectly as your expectation.



Want to get a professional prototype done for your game? Just send us the file and KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSS, you will receive a perfect sample within 2 weeks! (Another 3 to 5 days for delivery by courier.) Please contact our sales team for detail.


Q How to complete the Specification of projects?

We will send a standard Specification form to you for filling, which already have most contents of the components, and you just need to complete the details of  each part with your requests, (such as Dimension,  Material, Finishing, Quantity of each component, etc.) Alternatively, you can just write and explain all the  specifications in your email, and then we will help to complete the Specification.  Also if there’s any prototype or graphical files of the whole game, you can just  attached it together so that we can understand your game better. Before the cost  calculation, we will send the completed Specification back to you for checking  and finally work out an appropriate offer for you.

Q What is the Order Process?

After contacting us for your next game project, our sales engineer team will ask you to provide project details such as order quantity, time line, etc. Our professional and English speaking team, will work closely with you to have a completed & optimized solution for your project within a week. We also provide an NDA to protect your intellectual property.

We will submit a detailed specification documentation of each component, price, terms and agreement, and invoices  for your signed approval. During this time, our sales engineer will set up a a project management account with you to ensure an efficient work process for the duration of the project.

Q What kind of services are offered?

WinGo provides versatile and affordable production and service solutions for our clients. Each level of the process is available, including: New Product Development, Product Prototyping, Manufacturing and Shipping Solutions to name a few.

We’re also proud to offer “One Stop” convenience with full attention to important details such as Time Frame, Cost, Insurance and Safety.

  • Sampling Process (Pre-press File Review, Layout Making, Film, Printing, Mold Development of Plastic Components, etc)
  • Production
  • Certification
  • Production Completion & QC Inspection
  • Shipping
  • Distribution
Q What are the advantages of WinGo over other companies?

We know that prospective clients have several choices regarding manufacturing. Since 1993, we’ve provided game designers award-winning customer service and custom board game manufacturing.

Many manufactures typically outsource your project to a third party production facility which gives them less quality control and may cause you to expect unnecessary delays to your product. Since we own our own production facility, it allows us to manufacture your game normally within 30 days, allowing you to get your game to your customers as quickly as possible!

We invite you to contact us and discover why WinGo is the go-to manufacturing company for those looking for Western quality manufacturing at affordable prices.

Q Can you help me with my Kickstarter Project?

Absolutely! We’ve helped many designers with the production of their KS projects.   We can offer “one-stop” services  including production, packaging, shipping and much more.

Q What is the project process?

WinGo has a fairly streamlined process to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the project.

1. Contact us for a quote. Let us know what you’re wanting in a game.

2. We’ll provide a quote for you to review to ensure it is accurate.

3. After approving the quote, the order is officially placed and we’ll ask that you send your files over for review.

4. We’ll produce a sample prototype and send it to you for review. We’ll make any needed changes and apply it to the final product.

5. Mass production then begins and we’ll work with you on shipping arrangements.

6. At any time before, during, or after production you need other services, please let us know. We’re here to make the experience as easy as possible for you!

Q What Shipping Solutions are you offering?
We are offering below shipping solutions:


1. FOB: Free on Board—named port of shipment. A trade Term of sale under which the price invoiced or quoted by a seller includes all charges up to placing the goods on board a ship at the port of departure specified by the buyer. Also called collect freight, freight collect or freight forward.


2. CIF: Cost, Insurance and Freight—named port of destination. A trade term of sale requiring the seller to arrange for the carriage of goods by sea to a port of destination, and provide the buyer with the documents necessary to obtain the goods from the carrier.


3. DAP: Delivered At Place —named place of destination This term means that the seller pays all the costs of transportation (export fees, carriage, insurance, and destination port charges) up to and including the delivery of the goods to the final destination. The buyer is responsible to pay only the import duty/taxes/customs costs. The buyer also is responsible to unload the goods from the vehicle at the final destination.


4.DDU: Delivered duty unpaid—named place of destination. A trade term that the seller is responsible for making a safe delivery of goods to a named destination, paying all transportation expenses but not the duty. The seller bears the risks and costs associated with supplying the good to the delivery location, where the buyer becomes responsible for paying the duty and other customers clearing expenses.


5. DDP: Delivered duty paid—named place of destination. A transaction in which the seller must pay for all of the costs related to transporting the goods and is responsible in full for the goods until they have been received and transferred to the buyer. This includes paying for the shipping, the duties and any other expenses incurred while shipping the goods.

***Important (USA shipment)

If you are importing merchandise into the U.S. for commercial purposes that are valued over $2,500, or a commodity subject to other federal agencies requirements (i.e. firearms or food), you must post a Customs bond to ensure that all duties, taxes and fees owed to the federal government will be paid. Please copy the link to brower to get more information