• Miniatures, Board Game Miniatures, Tabletop Miniatures Game!

    Miniatures, Board Game Miniatures, Tabletop Miniatures Game!

    Post time: 07-25-2016
    Are you thinking about producing a board game with plastic miniatures and statuettes stage the game scenes or as components? Or, perhaps you’re an established company looking to take the high detail and quality of your miniatures to the next level? Great! WinGo has produced thousands of highly detailed miniatures for our customers. If you’re looking to dive into the world of miniatures, we are here to help — from creating sculpts, to tooling, molding and assembly. How do I go about producing a board game with miniatures? Typically, miniatures start from sculpts, sketches, or more recently, 3D prints and 3D files. If you provide 3D prints, WinGo can use these as reference for creating the production molds for your miniatu...
  • Process of Board Game Printing

    Process of Board Game Printing

    Post time: 07-21-2016
    Question on Board Game Printing? How to create a professional board game? How does it work out? What is the best way to print your board game? Contact WinGo! WinGo is a major manufacturer and printing company in the gaming industry, hence we have all the equipment and expertise gained from over the past 25 years to produce all your board game needs to the highest industry standards. Use your own art graphics for all elements of your games- boards, cards, game pieces and more! Please follow our step to take a visit in our workshop, we will show you how does a perfect board game being made from original artworks. 1. Printing:  Offset printing is the most common method for mass production. 2. Surface coating:  All printed sheets m...
  • The demand for Board games

    The demand for Board games

    Post time: 05-07-2015
    Board games and card games have always been one of the greatest activities of bringing families and friends together on one table to play. There have been a number of brilliant board cames throughout the ages out of which some have stayed amongst us to live their way to glory and some have just vanished. Some of these much famous and classic board games that have been amongst us for a long- long time are- •Chess •Scrabble •Topple •Carom •Monopoly •The Chinese Checkers Modern board games: These are only the classic games that have ruled every household for ages. Other than that with the entry of a number of card games and board games manufacturers throughout the planet, the world has been subject to see the production of a huge ...
  • How To Identify the Best Game Manufacturers?

    How To Identify the Best Game Manufacturers?

    Post time: 05-07-2015
    There are a lot of manufacturers to choose who supply games, but who among them are the best that you can really rely on? It is true that this competitive market is filled with both best and worst. Getting the proper game manufacturers is crucial for good quality game accessories like board games, card games and puzzles. The best manufacturers have exemplary ratings on all their criteria that mentioned on the product. They offer the customers excellent products which meets their requirements and safety. All the game products are made with latest equipments in order to ensure the environmental standards. Ensure the quality of the product The manufacturers of the games implement all pre-production testing, including print layout,...
  • Board games- Why you should recognise them as your kid’s personality developer?

    Board games- Why you should recognise them as your kid’s ...

    Post time: 05-06-2015
    How do you and your kids spend a boring Sunday afternoon with nothing to do? Plus at the same time you would love to spend some quality time with your family and in such a situation your best option will be entertainment. When it comes to bonding and entertainment we don’t mean long hours of TV- it’s the worse form of family entertainment for sure. The best option for you to ensure that you have a great time with your family is an interesting board game that could give you several options to enjoy. Board games could be anything beginning from basic ones like Chess or Scrabble to other larger games. Board game production has also been quite a lucrative industry. Truth is, a board game can be a great way of spending quality time ...