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WinGo Industry Ltd. was founded in 1992 and has over 20 years of experience in board games, card games, and education kits printing. We offer "one-stop" service including product concept development, artwork design, sampling, certification, production, shipment and more. If you are looking for a reliable and reputable manufacturer, let us talk – request a quote or view our gallery.
  • The fun never stops

    The fun never stops

    Right after Essen Spiel’18, our WinGo team quickly made their way to Shanghai for the WePlay Shanghai Convention where we were met with buzz rivalling that at Essen! We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of constructive feedback we ...Read More>>

  • Essen Wrap Up

    Essen Wrap Up

    Essen Spiel’18 was a blast! We had an amazing time interacting with many board game enthusiasts and game designers in the making. The passion and energy at the event was definitely contagious.     Not only was it hype, we rec...Read More>>

  • Origin of Designer Kit, its brief history

    Origin of Designer Kit, its brief his...

    WinGo’s Designer Kit has been out in the tabletop world for quite some time. While the reception of our designer kit has been fantastic, many designers have yet to know why the Designer Kit was conceived. Let us share a short history of ...Read More>>

  • Essen! Guess what we bring to you guys

    Essen! Guess what we bring to you guys

    Hey! Guys! Guess what? We are going to bring something amazing to Essen this year, the brand new DESIGNER’S KIT secondary version and whole packs of add-ons. It will be launched on Kickstarter around the end of October. We really a...Read More>>

WinGo Games

For more than 20 years, WinGo Games is offering tabletop games printing service. Our state of the art 4600 square meter factory is located in the city of HuiZhou of the GuangDong province in China. Employing 150 board game veteran staff members dedicated to production, quality management, customer service, and project management.

WinGo’s Service
We provide professional services for your board game, card games, and plastic accessories production & shipping process.